Berjuang Menjadi Tanda dan Sarana Keselamatan. Sumbangan Ignatius dari Loyola dan Spiritualitas Ignatian

Abstract: Ignatian spirituality stands on two pillars which are rootedness in Christ with his cross of obedience to his Father’s will of salvation and a mysticism of service to “help souls,” grounded in obedience to the Church. Ignatian spirituality came into being from Ignatius of Loyola’s experience of God which led him to found a group of what he called friends in the Lord. The apostolic goal of this ecclesial group, later to be called the Society of Jesus, was in accordance with the struggle of the “reforming Church” of the Middle Ages which was radically challenged by Martin Luther and later by Protestantism.

Moral and theological inconsistencies and problems of the credibility of the Church of the Middle Ages and her hierarchy were disturbing. However, Ignatius and his friends were not only dreaming of a purified Christianity in the one Church, but of helping others, day by day, to embrace an evangelical way of life, i.e. to love God with all one’s heart and to love others as oneself like Jesus in the context of a “real” Church.

Keywords: Spiritualitas Ignatian (Ignatian spirituality), Ignatius dari Loyola (Ignatius of Loyola), Serikat Yesus (Society of Jesus), reformasi (reformation), Protestantisme (Protestantism), kontra reformasi (counter-reformation), kesepahaman dengan Gereja (thinking with the Church).